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  • Old Friends, New Goals

    We recently delighted in strengthening a friendship that had been dormant for years.   A few weeks prior, I was contacted by an old friend who live...
  • Lady Bugs

    It’s debatable if the beetles we are seeing now are true Lady Bugs.  They don’t have the same reddish color but rather an orange to yellow to brown shell.  Some people refer to them as Asian beetles.
  • Just Another Ride to the Dump

    Today was just a normal, run of the mill trip.  The employees didn’t speak or make eye contact.  
  • Lazy Man’s Guide to Northern Greenville County Hikes

    I don’t have a problem maneuvering the car just right and putting the window down for a clearer view.  But if I have to get out of the car, the view better be worth the effort.