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  • Home Repairs

    A couple years ago, probably BC (Before Covid), the lights stopped working in our den ceiling fan fixture.  I tinkered with them a little bit but couldn’t get them to work.  And yes, I did check the light bulbs to make sure they were good.  (Why does every YouTube video start out with that tip?)  
  • Not A Shopper

    I am not a shopper.  I never have “enjoyed” looking for the perfect ‘thing’.
  • Life is Sweet at the Dump

    As I pulled into the drop off site, I was pleased to find the one car ahead of me had pulled in straight rather than backing into position.  I liked them already.  
  • A Special Dinner

    This was a place the locals loved.  But not just ‘any’ local—it seemed to be a haven for elderly widowers or old bachelors.  At least a third of the restaurant was taken up by old men.
  • Rhine River Cruise

    The Uber ride to the airport was our final tourist experience.  The driver was very friendly and did his best to engage us in conversation.  There was no rush for us but he took the curves as if there was a reason to shave off seconds.  And then the highways and canals came into discussion and he searched for a couple photos on his phone while he drove.
  • We're Not Those Kind of People

    If you have kept up with even half of my blogs you know that Jenni and I are very comfortable planning our own travels and doing so on a whim.  So when we first considered booking a river cruise with Viking Cruise Lines our own argument was that “we’re not those kind of people”. 
  • The Trip Begins (?)

    9:02 a.m. via email from KLM Airlines:  “Your flights for today have been cancelled.” 
  • "There's Your Next Blog"

    I remembered that years ago when we flew to Europe, I had a small, gray camera bag.  Of course, I used different photography equipment then too, but I wanted to at least test the bag to see if it could hold the essentials. 
  • Things I Don't Do

    Retirement, and life in general, have brought about changes in my life.  I’ve learned to stop doing some unnecessary things.

  • Graduation Thoughts

    Eight years from now, Uvalde High will be graduating a much smaller class.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will undoubtedly mark the occasion with joy but for a large number there will be a numbness--the acknowledgement that someone special is missing from the celebration.
  • Old Friends, New Goals

    We recently delighted in strengthening a friendship that had been dormant for years.   A few weeks prior, I was contacted by an old friend who live...
  • Owl Box

    It was a unique gift that really got my heart racing a few months later.   Last year for Father’s Day, my eldest son gave me an owl box he built hi...