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  • Coffee Shops and Drive Thrus

    I didn’t even drink coffee until I was 35 or 36 years old. Well, that’s not 100% accurate.  As a child I liked to have what my parents called “Go-Go”.
  • Not All Book Reviews are on Amazon

    Having just published my first book, I am anxious to get some great book reviews on Amazon to help boost orders.  And I have received several glowing reviews thus far.  But I was reminded this last week that reviews of a more personal nature are just as treasured.
  • On Getting Covid

    It made me think of the kid in high school who had achieved Perfect Attendance from Kindergarten into his Senior year, only to get sick a couple weeks before graduation.  
  • Please Say Hello

    When you enter the lobby of the Post Office, attached to the plexiglass germ barrier at the counter is a sign that reads “Please Say Hello”.  The Post Mistress is usually working around the corner and this is the way to get her attention.  
  • Sunrise Bites

    Now that I am retired, it takes great effort to roll out of bed and watch the sun rise above the horizon.  In fact, it rarely happens.  The best opportunity is during the fall before we turn our clocks back an hour.  
  • For the Sake of Full Disclosure

    “For the sake of full disclosure” is typically not how you like conversations to begin.  My son once started a conversation this way the day after Jenni and I returned from a trip to Paris.  He went on to explain that he had become light-headed, collapsed, hit his head, left a pool of blood on the bathroom floor, and his fiancé took him to the emergency room.  
  • Spoiling Annie

    When we travel in Wanda, we take Annie with us and we probably give her more attention than she gets at home (and that’s saying something.) 
  • Wild Moose Chase

    Last fall we failed to find any moose on our trip through the Tetons and Yellowstone.  I thought for sure we could spot one in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine this year.
  • Second Breakfast

    There are some loose rules that govern this second morning consumption of food.

    First, one of the two meals needs to include some variety of bakery items.  (donuts, pastries, cake)  But exceptions can be made for ice cream as well.  I told you the rules were loose.  Second, eating bakery items for First Breakfast typically means you cannot have Second Breakfast unless it includes a meat like a breakfast taco with chorizo or bacon.

  • Resolution Completed

    Back in January I wrote about some of my resolutions for the year and one was to publish a book.  I started out strong, got it 80% complete by May, and then just sat on it.  My plans of completing it during the summer went nowhere.
  • Lobsterman and Lightkeeper

    We could have waited around another hour and a half for the park to open the lighthouse for visitors to climb the stairs for the view, but at that point we felt like we had just experienced the best part of the park and there was no need to try adding to it.
  • Farm Stands

    A phenomenon exists in the Northeast US that just doesn’t seem likely to catch on in the South.