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  • Decisions, Decisions

    Before going to sleep that night at Hunting Island SP, we tried to make plans for the following day.  It was our intent to backtrack a little and visit Edisto Beach which is back towards Charleston.  As the crow flies, the distance from Hunting Island to Edisto is relatively short, but crows can cross water and Wanda cannot.  It would be close to a two-hour drive to get there. 
  • Cherished Places

    Huntington Beach State Park was the go-to beach destination for our family when we lived in the area.  Sunday evenings were a perfect time to visit.  All the tourists had either checked out of their hotels at 11 AM to drive back to Ohio and New Jersey or they had just arrived for a 3 PM check-in and were now looking for a place to eat their first all-you-can-eat seafood buffet of the week.  The beach was always deserted on Sunday evenings.  
  • Back to the Ultimate Outsider Challenge

    When Jenni and I purchased our state park pass in February 2021, we never imagined we would only be a third of the way through the forty-seven parks after two full years.  Of course, in those two years we logged nearly 30,000 miles visiting another forty states.  But it was time to get serious about checking off a few more South Carolina state parks.
  • Miss B

    There was a family reunion at her farm as well as other reunions in other places.  I reminded her of the time Jenni and I were watching the Conway Christmas Parade and she drove an antique tractor down Main Street.  (That’s the kind of Southern woman she is!)  That brought whole new tales of the tractor club she and her husband had enjoyed.  With each story she told, she would lovingly say “Thank you for reminding me of this memory.” 

  • A Waterfall for My Birthday

    As I sipped my coffee the morning of my birthday, Jenni asked if I had considered what I wanted to do to celebrate turning sixty, inferring the day was my choice.  I said I wanted to hike a new waterfall.  (Be careful of the offers you make a birthday boy!) 
  • Annie Speaks

    Soon Mama and Daddy started carrying things out to Wanda.  I helped as much as I could, but I have bad knees (and no thumbs), so I just followed them OR EVEN BETTER, tried to lead them in the right direction. My services are so underappreciated.  
  • Resolutions Status Report

    Here it is, the middle of January (more or less), so it must be time to make some resolutions for the year.

    Perhaps the first should be to plan better.

  • The Book Signing

    Self-published means my book is available to purchase on Amazon if John Doe stumbles across it, but otherwise all the marketing legwork is up to me.  Once I exhausted my friends and family with reminders of the book, I had to go elsewhere to sell the next copy.  That’s when a friend suggested a book signing opportunity.
  • Sunrise Bites

    Now that I am retired, it takes great effort to roll out of bed and watch the sun rise above the horizon.  In fact, it rarely happens.  The best opportunity is during the fall before we turn our clocks back an hour.  
  • For the Sake of Full Disclosure

    “For the sake of full disclosure” is typically not how you like conversations to begin.  My son once started a conversation this way the day after Jenni and I returned from a trip to Paris.  He went on to explain that he had become light-headed, collapsed, hit his head, left a pool of blood on the bathroom floor, and his fiancé took him to the emergency room.  
  • Spoiling Annie

    When we travel in Wanda, we take Annie with us and we probably give her more attention than she gets at home (and that’s saying something.) 
  • Wild Moose Chase

    Last fall we failed to find any moose on our trip through the Tetons and Yellowstone.  I thought for sure we could spot one in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine this year.