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  • "There's Your Next Blog"

    I remembered that years ago when we flew to Europe, I had a small, gray camera bag.  Of course, I used different photography equipment then too, but I wanted to at least test the bag to see if it could hold the essentials. 
  • Things I Don't Do

    Retirement, and life in general, have brought about changes in my life.  I’ve learned to stop doing some unnecessary things.

  • The Good Spoon

    Is it odd to have a favorite spoon?  (Don’t answer that!)   When I was growing up, my mother’s everyday silverware drawer was filled with a mismatc...
  • Shell Game

    I’m not sure what Rutherford Beach once looked like.  It had four streets and about two houses now.  Where one street met the surf there were wires and cables protruding from the sand.  Despite the desolation, this was a great place to boondock for the night.  
  • License Plate Game

    My grandfather introduced me to this game when I was a child, living in my very small world, in a small South Texas town. 
  • Dear Louisiana

    ... most people would agree that your roads are generally terrible, owing to the state requirement that any highway be poured with inferior concrete in ten-foot segments specifically designed not to match up, thus providing the methodical thump-thump-thump we all have come to know and expect.
  • A Pot to Pee In

    ...when it came to life in Wanda (our van), we literally did not have a pot to pee in the first two months of the year.
  • Our Christmas Letter

    With the advent of social media, we figured the people we are friends with on Facebook and Instagram have already seen everything we’ve done to the point that they are tired of it.  It’s not likely we’ll send them a newsletter just to rehash it all.  
  • Top 10 Things People Say When They See a White Van

    In David Letterman style, here's our Top 10.
  • Sharing Wanda's Story

    Just the other day we had pulled up to the overlook at Caesars Head State Park (just because we were passing by) and as we closed the doors a white-haired gentleman on the sidewalk remarked “that’s what I’d like to do”.  That was all the encouragement we needed.  
  • What would you Google if you couldn’t Google?

    We discovered that having reliable internet while traveling is a privilege, not a right.

  • The Devil Visited Last Night

    Maybe I was just dreaming.  I closed my eye.  Nope.  There it was again.  There was no avoiding the confrontation at this point.