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  • We're Not Those Kind of People

    If you have kept up with even half of my blogs you know that Jenni and I are very comfortable planning our own travels and doing so on a whim.  So when we first considered booking a river cruise with Viking Cruise Lines our own argument was that “we’re not those kind of people”. 
  • The Trip Begins (?)

    9:02 a.m. via email from KLM Airlines:  “Your flights for today have been cancelled.” 
  • I Don’t Get Out Enough

    Evidently being able to write a weekly blog means I need to get out and experience life on a regular basis so I have writing material.  And that’s just not happening lately.
  • Just Another Ride to the Dump

    Today was just a normal, run of the mill trip.  The employees didn’t speak or make eye contact.  
  • Dear COVID,

    Sitting in the wine department of our local grocer this week, we received our second vaccine shot. (We also snagged a few bottles of sangria at a great price.)  In a few days we will have as much protection from this virus as we’re probably going to get and we will emerge from our COVID cocoon ready to explore the world more confidently. 
  • My Dog doesn’t understand Social Distancing

    The most success I have getting away from her is that sometimes she is so frantic to FIND me that she can’t SEE me!  She can literally look right at me and keep running, trying to find where I might be hiding.