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Living With Wanda: Adventures in a Campervan is my first book.  


From the book jacket:

Early retirement, a global pandemic, and perhaps too much idle time led Dave McAda and his wife Jenni to transform an old plumbing van into their dream campervan -- but that was only the beginning of their adventures. Soon they were traveling the country with their rescue-dog Annie. The idea of #VanLife has been romanticized throughout social media outlets. These short stories keep it real and relatable.

Living With Wanda is a collection of true tales written from a humorous, and sometimes sarcastic, perspective of their van build and time on the road. The book was designed to enhance the reader's morning bathroom experience by providing a bit of humor to start the day, written in a brief enough format that won't result in being late for work.

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Living With Wanda 2Campervan Adventures Continue is the second book in my travel series.


From the book jacket:

Ever have the urge to leave behind the comforts of home and just travel the road wherever it leads you?  Join this retired couple and their rescue dog as they explore the country in their self-built campervan. Experience the highs and lows of traveling the country in a homemade campervan.  While this is by no means a guidebook for traveling the U.S., it may provide enough inspiration and information to get the reader behind the windshield and exploring some incredible places on their own.

Living With Wanda 2 is a continuation of their adventures around the country.  Follow along as they explore and learn to live their best life.

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