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  • A Pot to Pee In

    ...when it came to life in Wanda (our van), we literally did not have a pot to pee in the first two months of the year.
  • Lost Your Underwear?

    Now I’m not one for public shaming, but you better believe that if this person’s momma had written his name on the waistband like mine did for me as a child, I’d be telling the world WHO lost their underwear at Bald Rock!

  • What would you Google if you couldn’t Google?

    We discovered that having reliable internet while traveling is a privilege, not a right.

  • The Sunrise That Almost Didn’t Happen

    Now I must admit I am quite out of practice when it comes to setting my alarm.  I’ve only had to do it a handful of times in the two years since I retired.  
  • My Kingdom for a Flyswatter

    Of course, there were some items we failed to pack, not recognizing their importance at the start of the journey.  The foremost on that list being: a FLYSWATTER.

  • Wildlife Goals

    Basically to see wildlife in the parks you watch other people.  As we entered Yellowstone, we asked one ranger if there were any carcasses attracting bears or wolves.  (Obvious by her reaction it wasn’t the first time she had been asked such a thing.) 
  • You Want Me to Park Where?

    Since converting Wanda from a plumbing service vehicle to a camper, we’ve tried to utilize her as often as possible. 

  • The List

    Lists are visible signs of our procrastination and accomplishments.
  • Daaaaa Bearsssss

    Many of our friends want to come to our house to see the bears.  But it doesn’t work that way.  The bears determine their schedule and availability.  I assume they have other homeowners to entertain besides us. 

  • Planning for Spontaneity

    In order to be spontaneous, we have several lists on the kitchen counter in various stages of completion.  
  • When Is It Too Rough To Rough It?

    We don’t worry too much about forgetting something we might need on a trip.  Years ago people would say “there’s always a Wal-Mart nearby” but the more reassuring thought today seems to be that there is ALWAYS a Dollar General nearby.  On our last trip we tallied thirteen in two days.  
  • Week of Waterfalls

    [The ranger] assured us our Civic could handle the gravel road to the parking lot but not to think about traveling farther down that road.  Then she pointed out some simple to reach falls closer to the Blue Ridge Parkway and I pointed to a spot on the map and commented “that’s where we tried going a few years ago but got a hincky feeling about the directions”.  She suddenly had more respect for us and said “oh, you’ve been reading so-and-so’s book”.