Day to Day Interactions

Last time I was in my local post office, the Post Mistress rounded the corner and greeted me with “Hey! Are you the one they’re looking for?” 


You would think that is not a good sign in a place that I always associate with having FBI “Most Wanted” posters pinned to the walls.  (Do they still do that?  It used to creep me out as a child.) 


But in this case, I only laughed. 


This is 29635, where we can’t even qualify for a traffic light at our only major intersection.  We have one gas station/convenience store, two places to get the ‘Best Hot Dogs in Town,’ and a man that carves bears out of tree stumps.  That also means the Post Mistress knows my face.  When she asked if I was the one “they’re looking for”, I knew she was referring to the lottery.  Turns out the neighboring county had sold a million dollar ticket last week and they were looking for the winner.  Because I had made a joke two or three months ago about her not seeing me for a while because I planned to win the billion dollar jackpot, she was just checking!  I love that not only did she recognize me, but she also recalled a simple conversation from last year.  In this case, I told her ‘You have to buy a ticket to win!’


From the post office, I continued to our county trash site to drop off recyclables and trash. 


The previous week when Jenni and I had dropped our trash, I got back in the car and remarked how refreshing it was to be greeted in such a friendly manner by a new employee.  He had actually walked toward me while smiling and when I asked how he was doing he said, jovially, “Living the good life!”  I actually believed him!  Then, as we drove away, we saw another employee and I told Jenni “THAT is the person we saw at Wal-Mart last week but couldn’t remember how we knew them.”  They were smiling in Wal-Mart and, turns out, that can give a person a totally different appearance!


I was glad to see the “new guy” still working a week later.  When I got home, I told Jenni “Well, they haven’t broken him yet!”  Good luck buddy, I’m rooting for you.


Later in the week I dropped off several copies of my book at the bookstore As The Page Turns in Travelers Rest.  I told the owner how glad I was to get her message requesting more copies because my February Amazon sales had been pretty dismal so far.  She agreed it was a tough month.  So I’m asking my readers to support your local/closest independent bookstore wherever you live.  These folks work so hard; throw some business their way if you can.


Sometimes I think that my week has been boring and I have nothing to write about.  And then all I have to do is recall a few simple interactions to realize how full it has really been.


Go have a conversation with someone this week!

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