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  • You Meet the Nicest People

    The man in the Ford Transit van came out and we struck up a conversation.  I was as mesmerized by his Minnesota accent as he may have been by my southern drawl.  (Asking ‘where y’all headed?’ tends to indicate I ain’t from around there).  
  • Writing on the Road

    Writing on the road is difficult.   First, there’s the lack of reliable internet and no WiFi.  You would think that would be great for ‘going off g...
  • The Oil Change

    He immediately asked if I had to replace the O2 sensor (or something like that) and I replied no.  So he told me how easy it was to reach.  Good to know.  I wanted to say I had replaced my own flux capacitor but thought twice about engaging him in meaningful dialogue.  
  • Turtle People

    A legion of highly trained volunteers, affectionately referred to as the Turtle People in our conversations that week, patrol and protect the beach all in the name of encouraging the propagation of the species.  I understood that they were granted certain powers, such as the right to knock on your door to remind you “lights out” if your house lights were too bright and, thus, disorienting to newly hatched turtles.  They also monitored any holes that were dug in the sand since a baby turtle could get trapped.  
  • Funerals Make You Think

    Funerals make you think. 

    As you make plans to attend them.  While you are in the middle of them.  And even in the middle of the night long after the funeral is over.

  • Oops I Did It Again

    With much less trepidation than the first time around, I published a second book this week. “Living With Wanda 2: Campervan Adventures Continue” is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook or in paperback.
  • Prime Day

    For the two people who have never heard of it, Amazon Prime Day is akin to Black Friday and Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving.  It is an online buying frenzy with a few super bargains but mostly just another opportunity to buy something you normally wouldn’t but a few cents-off enticed you. 
  • Grandpa Merit Badge

    I finally earned my Grandpa merit badge last week.  I successfully collapsed the baby stroller before stashing it in the trunk.

  • Lake Day

    Last weekend Jenni and I spent a day cruising Lake Keowee with our immediate family while we celebrated Jenni’s birthday.  It was a day of building...
  • They say You’re Getting Old When . . .

    If it is possible to “inherit” a trait from a non-blood-related person I would say I inherited my love for birds from my mother-in-law.  As long as I knew her, she had multiple feeders strategically placed throughout her yard.  It didn’t even bother her when a varmint like an opossum would dine on the bird seed because she knew it would spread a few seeds on the ground and attract another variety of bird to the yard.
  • Everybody Loves Annie

    We recently took advantage of a wonderful service offered by our local fire department, River Falls Fire Department:  we had them replace our smoke alarms.  Before you accuse me of being too lazy to replace my own batteries, let me explain. 

  • Oh, And We Saw a Bear

    At some point we put Emma down for a nap and later heard what we thought was the UPS delivery truck start down our driveway, but he never made it the hundred yards to our house.  On rare occasions they have left packages at our mailbox in the cul-de-sac so Jenni headed out the door to investigate.  She quickly returned to the house excitedly announcing there was a very large rattlesnake between her and the mailbox!