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  • Planning for Spontaneity

    In order to be spontaneous, we have several lists on the kitchen counter in various stages of completion.  
  • Annie's Antics

    Recently we were just organizing the storage areas for an upcoming trip.  Annie came aboard the van, hopped in the shot-gun seat, and looked back at us as if to say “Let’s get a move on!”
  • Who’s the Photographer?

    In doing an art show or craft show, without fail, there is always at least one person who asks the question: “Who’s the photographer?”  Typically they are an older (than me) male, often with a military background.  Once they identify who in the booth is the shutterbug they begin to describe their own photography equipment and skills, in great detail. 
  • Buying a Mattress

    We set a date to go to a mattress store to look at our options.  In preparation we laid on all the beds in our house and camper.  We came away with the realization that the most comfortable mattress we owned was the foam one we made for Wanda the campervan.  
  • Gnats!

    Then there was Jenni’s uncle who lived in the Low Country of South Carolina.  The kids knew better than to complain about gnats around him because his response was always the same.  “You know how to get rid of the gnats in your face?”  How?  “Cut a hole in your shorts.”  
  • What's Your Legacy?

    Wouldn’t it be grand to live your life in such a way that people remembered the good you did, and the smiles you created, decades after you are gone?   
    Could a photograph of something you created and the mention of your name open a floodgate of fond memories and stories?

  • Teacher Appreciation

    Sometimes I got there by bus, sometimes by catching a ride with an older sibling (if I promised to become invisible when we reached campus). One time in Elementary School, I even pedaled my bicycle the 3 miles because there was a bicycle rodeo that day.  But for the most part, going to public school was one of the happiest events in my young life.  
  • Rattlesnakes and Calf-pullers

    I had pulled two weeds and was stepping toward another when I realized my next step would be onto the head of a snake.  And not just any snake.  
  • A Year Later

    At the time we thought there would soon be an opportunity to safely gather and celebrate his life but as time went on that seemed less likely.  Our little South Carolina family was finally able to take that step last week.
  • Dear COVID,

    Sitting in the wine department of our local grocer this week, we received our second vaccine shot. (We also snagged a few bottles of sangria at a great price.)  In a few days we will have as much protection from this virus as we’re probably going to get and we will emerge from our COVID cocoon ready to explore the world more confidently. 
  • And Whatever Looks Good

    But to be clear:  I am not a “whatever looks good” kind of shopper.  I leave that to Jenni.

  • Not All Trips Are Pleasant

    Not all trips are pleasant. Not all family relationships are harmonious. Not all stories have happy endings.