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  • Pilot Cove

    Pilot Cove is a 20 cabin complex tastefully constructed at the gateway of the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC. In fact, their website describes them as the “Gateway to Adventure” and that they are.


    Jenni and I, along with our dog Annie, had the privilege of spending a few days in one of their two-bedroom units.  (They also have efficiency and one-bedroom to meet a variety of needs.)  We used the cabin as a springboard to the hundreds of waterfalls in the Pisgah Forest and Transylvania County, as well as exploring the fabulous City of Brevard.

  • A Waterfall for My Birthday

    As I sipped my coffee the morning of my birthday, Jenni asked if I had considered what I wanted to do to celebrate turning sixty, inferring the day was my choice.  I said I wanted to hike a new waterfall.  (Be careful of the offers you make a birthday boy!) 
  • Giddy up and Go . . . to Aiken

    When one travels backroads, which is about the only way TO GET to Aiken . . . one cannot simply bypass or zip through small towns.
  • Staycation! Seeing Greenville in a Different Light

    One of things we enjoyed most was lingering to watch, or listen to, street performers.  When we drive downtown for a restaurant or show, we are usually in a hurry and just don’t take the time to enjoy those artistic talents.  On this weekend we had that luxury.  We really enjoyed some guys dancing pop-and-lock in One City Plaza.  I wanted to join them but at my age once it pops, it’s permanently locked and no one has the key.