About Us

And I do mean US! 

My wife, Jenni, is the part-time driver, creative consultant, spotter, advisor,  purchasing agent . . . and my number one encourager. Best of all, she allows me unlimited U-Turns when we are out exploring!  (well, at least 3 per day but it's negotiable!)

I have enjoyed photography for forty plus years, but with the availability of phone cameras I have been able to capture subjects never before possible.  I'm beginning to balance my photographs between my iPhone and my Canon equipment.  I grew up in Texas where the horizon seemed to stretch forever but my family and I have called the Carolinas home for over twenty years.  

Thanks for stopping by!  If you want to see more photos of mine, check out my instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/davemcada/ and check out this video about me.