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  • You Want Me to Park Where?

    Since converting Wanda from a plumbing service vehicle to a camper, we’ve tried to utilize her as often as possible. 

  • The List

    Lists are visible signs of our procrastination and accomplishments.
  • Medical History Questionnaire

    I’ve got my own history down pretty good.  I can list my medications AND spell them correctly.  But the list does seem to be growing.  If you’ve never had anything major happen to you, this isn’t too difficult.  But when you have to consider your blood relatives it becomes more of a challenge.

  • Oof!

    Then the nice lady on the radio said that ‘oof’ was a new word according to  I can report that there was a tremendous amount of fist-pumping, arm-raising, and other acts of jubilation, at least until we reached the next Dollar General and then I was distracted.
  • Planning for Spontaneity

    In order to be spontaneous, we have several lists on the kitchen counter in various stages of completion.  
  • Who’s the Photographer?

    In doing an art show or craft show, without fail, there is always at least one person who asks the question: “Who’s the photographer?”  Typically they are an older (than me) male, often with a military background.  Once they identify who in the booth is the shutterbug they begin to describe their own photography equipment and skills, in great detail. 
  • When Is It Too Rough To Rough It?

    We don’t worry too much about forgetting something we might need on a trip.  Years ago people would say “there’s always a Wal-Mart nearby” but the more reassuring thought today seems to be that there is ALWAYS a Dollar General nearby.  On our last trip we tallied thirteen in two days.  
  • Buying a Mattress

    We set a date to go to a mattress store to look at our options.  In preparation we laid on all the beds in our house and camper.  We came away with the realization that the most comfortable mattress we owned was the foam one we made for Wanda the campervan.  
  • What's Your Legacy?

    Wouldn’t it be grand to live your life in such a way that people remembered the good you did, and the smiles you created, decades after you are gone?   
    Could a photograph of something you created and the mention of your name open a floodgate of fond memories and stories?

  • Ultimate Outsider

    The second park we visited was Devil’s Falls State Park on Lake Jocasse.  We entered the park domain and hiked a trail to view the rare Oconee Bell flowers, but then our standards were compromised.  We did take a group photo that include our friends hiking with us but failed to place a park sign in the background.  (A do over is now required.)  And then there was the stamp.
  • And Whatever Looks Good

    But to be clear:  I am not a “whatever looks good” kind of shopper.  I leave that to Jenni.

  • Life Goes On

    I did something this week that turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be.  In fact, I wasn't even thinking when I first started.

    I took our dog Annie to the veterinarian for an appointment.