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  • Ultimate Outsider

    The second park we visited was Devil’s Falls State Park on Lake Jocasse.  We entered the park domain and hiked a trail to view the rare Oconee Bell flowers, but then our standards were compromised.  We did take a group photo that include our friends hiking with us but failed to place a park sign in the background.  (A do over is now required.)  And then there was the stamp.
  • And Whatever Looks Good

    But to be clear:  I am not a “whatever looks good” kind of shopper.  I leave that to Jenni.

  • Life Goes On

    I did something this week that turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be.  In fact, I wasn't even thinking when I first started.

    I took our dog Annie to the veterinarian for an appointment.

  • My Dog doesn’t understand Social Distancing

    The most success I have getting away from her is that sometimes she is so frantic to FIND me that she can’t SEE me!  She can literally look right at me and keep running, trying to find where I might be hiding.
  • Retirement - Oh Rats!

    The next week I took the car to the great guys at Travelers Rest Auto Repair where I sheepishly described the past weekend’s events and the fact that I had packets of rat poison clipped to the frame of the car.  They just smiled.  They’ve seen it before evidently.
  • Retirement - the First 90 Days

    I learned the valuable lesson that a grocery LIST is merely a suggestion and a starting point.  In my desire for ultimate efficiency, I had always found it prudent to make the list in the order of the aisles from back to front and procure only what is on the list.  Turns out, this is NOT how you are supposed to shop. 
  • Lessons Learned from a Yellow Umbrella

    I venture to say it is quite rare for an umbrella to survive a thirty-four-year career with multiple city moves not to mention fifteen different cubicles, closets, or offices.