Great Planners

As you read about the travels and adventures Jenni and I have, you may get the impression that we are diligent planners.  Some would even say OBSESSIVE.  But that’s not always the case.


We recently had the opportunity to spend a few days at a cabin in Brevard, NC.  We were leaving the day following our granddaughter’s baptism so we were preoccupied with those preparations and did not allow ourselves to even begin thinking about the week in Brevard.  The Sunday morning baptism service was beautiful and so very special.  The luncheon afterwards provided great food and fellowship with friends.  When we finally got home late afternoon we could turn our thoughts to our mini-vacation.


I knew we were not leaving until Monday afternoon so I assumed we would pack everything in the morning, but Jenni found that to be too stressful so she began food preparations Sunday evening.  We planned to eat restaurant meals most evenings but we still needed coffee, breakfast items, and adult beverages to take with us.  While Jenni gathered food and beverages, I focused on everything we would need for our dog Annie.  Following some recent bloodwork, she is on a supplement for her liver as well as a new “treat” for her joints and the usual “cookie” for her teeth.  Add her kibble, favorite blanket, pop-up kennel, backpack, and water bowl and she had quite a pile by the back door.


We waited until the morning we were leaving to pack our clothes.  This was a trip without our van Wanda, so it took much more thought as to what to take.  When we drive Wanda, we have drawers and bins full of clothes that work for all types of weather conditions.  Wardrobe changes are no problem!  But in this case, we were taking the Honda Civic and were limited to a small suitcase each.  With several checks and comparisons of our weather apps, we packed what we thought would be necessary.  After lunch we loaded everything in the car and were ready to leave.


Of course, all this activity had Annie super excited!  She followed every step we made.  About 2 PM we loaded her up and left.  She was panting and trying her best to put down the window as we drove out of the driveway.  After the first twenty yards we looked at each other and remarked that we had forgotten our wedding rings.  We decided it wasn’t worth turning back for them.  But that must have gotten Jenni thinking about other things we forgot.  Less than a mile from home, she asked if I had packed Annie’s leash.  I had not.


At the first opportunity I made a U-turn and we headed back to the house.  By now, Annie was in a full-blown anxiety-induced frenzy.  She was panting heavily.  At the house, I hopped out of the car while Jenni put her window down and held Annie.  First thing I did was offer Annie a bowl of water but, of course, she wouldn’t drink despite obvious signs of dry mouth.  (I empathize with anyone who has ever led their horse to water.)  I then grabbed the leash and handed it to Jenni.  I asked “Would you like your rings while we are here?”  She did, so I went into the bedroom to get hers and grabbed mine from my bedside table as well.


When I got back to the car, I handed Jenni her rings, put mine on, and then said “I decided to go ahead and grab my wallet while I was at it.”  We all laughed and laughed.


Except Annie.  She just panted.

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  • I always enjoy your post! You make every day events special!

    Tamera Pirraglia

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