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  • A Pot to Pee In

    ...when it came to life in Wanda (our van), we literally did not have a pot to pee in the first two months of the year.
  • Pet Cemetery

    [T]hey brought Hazel to our property for her final resting place.  There’s a beautiful grove of oak trees that will provide eternal shade for her and her companions.
  • I am a Ukrainian

    Okay, that statement is not supported by my 23 And Me results.  (I lean more towards Poland and Czechoslovakia.) But it is supported by the ache in my heart for the people suffering at the hands of a ruthless foreign dictator.
  • The Pantry

    Forrest Gump would have said ‘cleaning the pantry is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get.’
  • Lady Bugs

    It’s debatable if the beetles we are seeing now are true Lady Bugs.  They don’t have the same reddish color but rather an orange to yellow to brown shell.  Some people refer to them as Asian beetles.
  • Lost Your Underwear?

    Now I’m not one for public shaming, but you better believe that if this person’s momma had written his name on the waistband like mine did for me as a child, I’d be telling the world WHO lost their underwear at Bald Rock!

  • One Man’s Trash . . .

    We have been organizing old family photos lately.  In doing so, we have been forced to go through countless shoeboxes, envelopes, and plastic tubs of items brought back from each of our parents’ homes.
  • I Don’t Get Out Enough

    Evidently being able to write a weekly blog means I need to get out and experience life on a regular basis so I have writing material.  And that’s just not happening lately.
  • No Grunting Allowed

    There are several Progressive Insurance commercials airing now about the “dangers” of becoming our parents in our words and mannerisms.  
  • The Greatest Periodical Ever Written

    At the conclusion of our interview, I was giving George a tour of the building.  . . .  After a little chit-chat, my boss looked at George’s shoes, noticed some scuffing, and asked “George, are you pigeon-toed?”.  
  • Snow Day!

    Nothing builds excitement in a Southerner like the promise of a Snow Day.
  • Squirrels Beware!

    The squirrels in the yard were creating bedlam destroying tools and birdbaths as if they were taunting my blurry-eyed aiming capabilities.