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  • Rattlesnakes and Calf-pullers

    I had pulled two weeds and was stepping toward another when I realized my next step would be onto the head of a snake.  And not just any snake.  
  • A Year Later

    At the time we thought there would soon be an opportunity to safely gather and celebrate his life but as time went on that seemed less likely.  Our little South Carolina family was finally able to take that step last week.
  • Trash or Treasure?

    Maybe when you read that headline you thought we were cleaning closets again.  Not this time.  We save that for winter months and times of personal...
  • Dear COVID,

    Sitting in the wine department of our local grocer this week, we received our second vaccine shot. (We also snagged a few bottles of sangria at a great price.)  In a few days we will have as much protection from this virus as we’re probably going to get and we will emerge from our COVID cocoon ready to explore the world more confidently. 
  • Ultimate Outsider

    The second park we visited was Devil’s Falls State Park on Lake Jocasse.  We entered the park domain and hiked a trail to view the rare Oconee Bell flowers, but then our standards were compromised.  We did take a group photo that include our friends hiking with us but failed to place a park sign in the background.  (A do over is now required.)  And then there was the stamp.
  • And Whatever Looks Good

    But to be clear:  I am not a “whatever looks good” kind of shopper.  I leave that to Jenni.

  • Traveling with Annie

    This crazy dog has now been through 19 states in her time with us.  She is ALWAYS ready for an adventure—just be sure to feed her at 7, 12, and 6 each day or she will stare a hole into your soul.

  • Telling Time while Traveling

    When we are traveling in different time zones we have the hardest time keeping up with a church group that meets via Zoom.  You say ‘oh it’s okay to miss once in a while.’  That might be so; if we weren’t the group LEADERS!  
  • Choosing Where to Sleep


    I have some Instagram friends who think I park Wanda under billboards that read “Rob the Van Under this Sign”.   And although some of them live in large, dangerous cities they are convinced that as someone sleeping in my van in the middle of nowhere I am certain to be the victim of a violent crime.

  • Not All Trips Are Pleasant

    Not all trips are pleasant. Not all family relationships are harmonious. Not all stories have happy endings.

  • The Push Home

    That’s when I had words with our GPS.  To say we’ve had a contentious relationship is an understatement.  “She” is constantly telling me what to do, correcting my every move, or incessantly nagging me to turn.  
  • Ranch Life: Urban Cowboys or just City Slickers?

    As the tractor carried her away to a suitable place (not the front yard of the house) the entire herd began to follow and moo as if they were sending her off.  Someone remarked “I’m not here for the funeral; I just came for the food.”