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  • Oh, And We Saw a Bear

    At some point we put Emma down for a nap and later heard what we thought was the UPS delivery truck start down our driveway, but he never made it the hundred yards to our house.  On rare occasions they have left packages at our mailbox in the cul-de-sac so Jenni headed out the door to investigate.  She quickly returned to the house excitedly announcing there was a very large rattlesnake between her and the mailbox!  
  • Finishing Sentences

    Driving Highway 11, we saw a local man who walks along the shoulder of the road several times each day because he has no transportation.  Sometimes he is barefoot; sometimes he’s carrying loot he has pinched from someone’s yard. This time, he was raising a stick in their air and shouting at the clouds.  I said “What the…” and Jenni finished it with “heck.” 
  • The Broken Wing

    As I write this, there are about a dozen Titmice gathering outside the sun room windows as if they are plotting something sinister.

  • All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

    As I sipped my Thursday morning coffee I wondered what I would write about this week.  Nothing had really stood out to me thus far, but I knew Jenni and I were headed into town for a luncheon at church that day and a trip to town is ALWAYS fodder for a good blog.
  • My Heart and Elmer Fudd

    For almost seven years I have had PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) which basically means my heart would throw an extra beat into the mix after every couple heart beats.  (This could explain my serious lack of rhythm when singing in church.)  
  • Birds of a Feather

    They say it is a very thin line between retirement and becoming a birdwatcher.
  • Great Planners

    All this activity had Annie super excited!  She followed every step we made.  About 2 PM we loaded her up and left.  She was panting and trying her best to put down the window as we drove out of the driveway.  After the first twenty yards we looked at each other and remarked that we had forgotten our wedding rings.  We decided it wasn’t worth turning back for them.  But that must have gotten Jenni thinking about other things we forgot.  Less than a mile from home, she asked if I had packed Annie’s leash.  I had not.
  • Pilot Cove

    Pilot Cove is a 20 cabin complex tastefully constructed at the gateway of the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC. In fact, their website describes them as the “Gateway to Adventure” and that they are.


    Jenni and I, along with our dog Annie, had the privilege of spending a few days in one of their two-bedroom units.  (They also have efficiency and one-bedroom to meet a variety of needs.)  We used the cabin as a springboard to the hundreds of waterfalls in the Pisgah Forest and Transylvania County, as well as exploring the fabulous City of Brevard.

  • Decisions, Decisions

    Before going to sleep that night at Hunting Island SP, we tried to make plans for the following day.  It was our intent to backtrack a little and visit Edisto Beach which is back towards Charleston.  As the crow flies, the distance from Hunting Island to Edisto is relatively short, but crows can cross water and Wanda cannot.  It would be close to a two-hour drive to get there. 
  • Oaks and Palms

    As we first turned on the dirt road we were met by a young man driving a BMW and I remarked to Jenni that he had probably just completed a drug deal because beamers don’t camp on dirt roads like big white candy vans.  At the campground there were already several established campers.  This was a campground primarily used during deer and turkey hunting seasons.
  • Cherished Places

    Huntington Beach State Park was the go-to beach destination for our family when we lived in the area.  Sunday evenings were a perfect time to visit.  All the tourists had either checked out of their hotels at 11 AM to drive back to Ohio and New Jersey or they had just arrived for a 3 PM check-in and were now looking for a place to eat their first all-you-can-eat seafood buffet of the week.  The beach was always deserted on Sunday evenings.  
  • Back to the Ultimate Outsider Challenge

    When Jenni and I purchased our state park pass in February 2021, we never imagined we would only be a third of the way through the forty-seven parks after two full years.  Of course, in those two years we logged nearly 30,000 miles visiting another forty states.  But it was time to get serious about checking off a few more South Carolina state parks.