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  • Traveling Cross Country, the Departure

    We said if we were still speaking to each other after THIS one we would stay married another 30 years (hopefully more!).

  • The Test Drive

    Last week my wife and I took a test drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  No, not a new car.  Just testing some ideas we have for a long drive.

  • Lessons Learned from a Yellow Umbrella

    I venture to say it is quite rare for an umbrella to survive a thirty-four-year career with multiple city moves not to mention fifteen different cubicles, closets, or offices.
  • My excuse for being late to work

    Apartment #1 is about 4 feet from the sidewalk.  That’s all that separates it from a frantic six lanes of traffic.  And that’s where she stands, watching, waiting.


  • Lessons learned from a Lotus

    A photographer won’t get rich giving away photos.
  • Giddy up and Go . . . to Aiken

    When one travels backroads, which is about the only way TO GET to Aiken . . . one cannot simply bypass or zip through small towns.
  • When the wife is away . . .

    Startling what you can discover when your wife goes out of town for a couple days.
  • Lazy Man’s Guide to Northern Greenville County Hikes

    I don’t have a problem maneuvering the car just right and putting the window down for a clearer view.  But if I have to get out of the car, the view better be worth the effort.
  • Staycation! Seeing Greenville in a Different Light

    One of things we enjoyed most was lingering to watch, or listen to, street performers.  When we drive downtown for a restaurant or show, we are usually in a hurry and just don’t take the time to enjoy those artistic talents.  On this weekend we had that luxury.  We really enjoyed some guys dancing pop-and-lock in One City Plaza.  I wanted to join them but at my age once it pops, it’s permanently locked and no one has the key.