Writing on the Road

Writing on the road is difficult.  

First, there’s the lack of reliable internet and no WiFi.  You would think that would be great for ‘going off grid’ (and it is) but it makes it pretty much impossible to keep in touch with family or Google how to pronounce the town Ontonagon.  I told Jenni I felt like the character Stands With Fist in the movie Dancing With Wolves trying to say my first words in English! 

I thought about attaching several pictures but 45 minutes later the round arrow thingy was still circling.  So, go to my Facebook account or the van’s Instagram (WandaCanWander) for photos! 

Then there’s the lack of time since we’re driving so much.


But the biggest hindrance is typing a blog on an iPhone.  It just ain’t happening! 

I will catch up with y’all later! 


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