Prime Day

If you are a major contributor to Amazon’s profitability, you already know that Prime Day was held recently. 


For the two people who have never heard of it, Amazon Prime Day is akin to Black Friday and Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving.  It is an online buying frenzy with a few super bargains.  But mostly it’s just another opportunity to buy something you normally wouldn’t but with a few cents-off to entice you.  I find it humorous that Prime DAY was actually a two-day event this year—no shame in trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of wallets.


Well, our household succumbed to the hype and made a few purchases.  Then, it was like Christmas in July when the UPS driver pulled into our driveway.


We didn’t go crazy with new appliances or anything like that.   Most of our purchases reflect our conservative, practical views.


For example, we now have a 100 ft roll of screen mesh to redo our screened porch.  We learned the hard way that floating embers from the chiminea will burn holes into a synthetic screen.  And then there was the summer the squirrels took a liking to a particular wooden bench on the porch.  They chewed through the screens to get to the bench and gnawed on the legs.  (I wonder what kind of wood it was that attracted them so!)  When we blocked their entry point, they just chewed another hole above the last one.  This went on for weeks.  I finally moved the bench to the garage and they haven’t been back since.  So, new screen mesh was a practical purchase that will lead to a large project sometime in the near future.


We also found small discounts on some pet supplies for Annie and fingernail supplies for Jenni as well as disposable dinner plates for an upcoming party.


The most extravagant item (and still under $110) was for me.  I bought a small device by Kardia that can produce an EKG of my heart rhythm when I pair it with my iPhone.  Technology is truly incredible.  I have already used it a few times to confirm an occasional irregularity in my sinus rhythm.  So now, instead of Jenni having to put her ear to my chest, I can open an app on my phone, place my fingers on this little device, and quickly receive a 30-second EKG.


I may open a booth at the local farmer’s market and offer EKGs to the patrons. Who knows? 


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