Our Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!


For almost 30 years our family has had a tradition of sending an annual Christmas letter to friends and family.  We skipped it one year and received such a backlash that we decided we would rather gut it out than go through that again.  (Kidding—we love sharing as indicated by endless blogs and social media posts!)  At the height of our letter-writing careers we were mailing almost a hundred such greetings around the country.


A few years ago when our sons had each gotten married, we made a Christmas gift for each couple of a binder full of all the family Christmas letters we had ever sent.  We still send our own children a letter so they can add to the binder if they so choose. 


We used to record things like how tall the boys were and what they wanted to be when they grew up (for the record, we have no archeologists, zookeepers, or pizza chefs; at one time one aspired to be a puppy so he would never have to leave home but that didn’t pan out either.)  Now days, we recap trips we’ve made in Wanda the van. 


With the advent of social media, we figured the people we are friends with on Facebook and Instagram have already seen everything we’ve done to the point that they are tired of it.  It’s not likely we’ll send them a newsletter just to rehash it all.  We can just wish them a heartfelt, generic Merry Christmas on a social media post that addresses them personally as “Hey Everyone, Merry Christmas Y’all, or Dear Resident”.


Those who have made the courageous choice to avoid social media have a better chance of receiving a letter, but that’s not a guarantee either.  Not this year.


You see, this year the battle with the printer, toner cartridges, and special paper became a bit overwhelming.  As every other page seemed to jam, rip, or smudge an executive decision was made that we would be sending exactly thirty-three newsletters this year.


May the odds be ever in your favor!

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  • I don’t need a snail mail letter, but I’ve enjoyed your Wanda-rings. Merry Christmas to you and Jenni!


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