Lottery Winnings

Recently the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot reached over $1.2 Billion.  I couldn’t resist buying a chance at it.

The drawing was on a Friday night and we were out running errands during the day so I pulled into a gas station to buy a ticket.  We only buy a lottery ticket maybe once every two or three years so I’m strictly a ‘quick pick’ kind of guy—no predetermined numbers for me.

When I got back in the car, Jenni asked how many I bought and I answered ‘three’.  Why three?  One for me, one for her, and one for Annie (but we won’t tell the dog if hers is the one that wins!).

As we crawled into bed that night, I asked Jenni what she would do if she won.  I reminded her it would only be around $760 Million after taxes if she took the lump sum settlement. 

Together we had discussions of a new car, more travel, helping the kids, giving to the church.  I had heard a man interviewed who said he would build a tiny home community for the homeless.  I liked that.  Put me down for a couple of those if I win.  I also contemplated doing something to protect wildlife in our area.  I thought it would be nice for us and our neighbors to pave the road coming up the hill to our house, but I don’t want to make it too easy for people to find me so I may have to think about that. 

We pretended to be multi-millionaires for a few more minutes.  It was fun to dream.  Then Jenni asked when the drawing was and I said tonight.  She didn’t realize that.  Now she said she wouldn’t be able to sleep. 

The next morning I searched online for the numbers and compared them to my tickets.  About that time I saw a headline that there was one winner in Illinois.  Lucky guy. 

I didn’t match a single number with my tickets.  But it was a small price to pay for a nice conversation about all the things we could do.  It's fun to dream like that every once in awhile.

How about you?  What would your winnings do?

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