Traveling Woes

Gasp! No internet, what do we do?


Yes, many of you will say to enjoy the peace and quiet.  Blah, blah, blah.  Then you will turn to your phone and send a text or check your Facebook account.  Am I right?


Traveling without internet access can be quite a challenge.  Forget about social media or texting family, at some point if you don’t already have your destination plugged into GPS you may not FIND that destination!


This was our experience for about 36 hours traveling across upper Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  Fortunately we did have our trusty 2019 Road Atlas to help us make a call on whether to turn left or right at an intersection.


So what did we talk about during those hours?


Many conversations went like this:

               Cool barn.


               Did you see that house with the whatchamacallit?



Then there was the whole subject of moose.  We wanted to Google many things about them:

               Where are you likely to find moose in [insert state name here]?

               Do moose eat crops like corn?

               What does a moose hoofprint look like?

               Why don’t moose cross at moose-crossing signs?


And then there were the laughs and confusion caused by signs we read along the way:

               On a McDonald’s marquee:  Now accepting snowplow bids.

               Road sign:  Frost Heaves Ahead

               Next road sign:  Frost Heaves

               (we still don’t know what that’s all about)

               Road sign: Rotary Ahead

               (had a hunch; turned out to be a traffic circle or a roundabout)

               Frequent business signs in Maine:  Redemption Center

               (I thought it might be a religious organization; turned out it was where you would take your used bottles or cans to get a refund)


Fun Fact:  Did you know that Montpelier, Vermont is the ONLY state capitol without a McDonald’s?  It is.  You could look that up if you had internet.


We didn’t hear or see much news during that drive but word did reach us that Queen Elizabeth died and Charles was now King as well as Camilla being Queen Consort.  Now five states back we had been in a cemetery in Marietta, Ohio and a tombstone from 1813 referred to a young woman as a ‘consort’ to Mr. So And So.  I assumed that meant they weren’t married.  But now I’m hearing about the Queen Consort and I’m thinking it’s another word for ‘ho’.    Well, it’s not. 


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we need the internet.

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