Top 10 Things People Say When They See a White Van

Unlike other vehicles we’ve driven in our lives, our white campervan Wanda seems to draw out common (imagined) thoughts from people on the street.  Here’s our Top 10.


  1. I bet he has a manbun.


  1. I wonder if she wears a thong.


If you have doubts about either of those comments just search #vanlife photos on social media and you’ll get plenty of images that explain it better, sometimes in VIVID detail!


  1. There goes one of those pervert candy vans.


  1. Pretty cool for old people.


  1. In the Western half of the USA:  Just another mid-life crisis on wheels.


  1. In the Eastern half of the USA:  I wonder if my Amazon package is on that van.


While visiting my sister, her neighbor told her that she waited and waited for that darn delivery van to finish up and bring a package to HER house!


  1. I wonder if I could live that way?


  1. Where do they go poop?  (and there’s your answer to No. 4)


  1. Crazy hippie wanna-be.  I bet they got some of that wacky-tabacky in there.


And the number one comment made by other drivers when they see Wanda the white van . . .


  1. Here comes a big white van.  I’m going to pull out in front of them so I’m not stuck behind.

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