The List

Lists are visible signs of our procrastination and accomplishments.


I’ve mentioned before that we typically have quite a few lists working simultaneously.  (Groceries, van projects, yard projects, etc.).  To mark something purchased or completed surely releases serotonin and other endorphins into your body providing motivation and pleasure.  But not all lists are done in order to strike the items off.


Now we’ve taken to listing the contents of Wanda (the van).  Okay.  It’s ME who is making the lists but I have the full support of Management.


It is amazing how many nooks, crannies, and other unexpected storage places there are in 84 sq ft.  And as we utilize each of those spaces we run the risk of forgetting where we have stored something.  Need a felt pad to keep something from banging?  That would be in the ‘junk drawer’ (which is really a plastic shoebox on a shelf under the sink).   The instructions to the 12V powered refrigerator?  That’s in the bin, above the cab, marked “Annie” next to our proof of Rabies and COVID vaccinations. (It seemed logical at the time!) 


I think you see now why this list could be helpful.


Yesterday I took an inventory of my tool bag. Wanda is subject to headlight problems so I have to be prepared to replace bulbs on the road.  Not only do I have two different styles of spare bulbs, I also have the specific tools to remove the headlight already bagged and ready to go. 


Each general area of Wanda (cab, pantry, electrical cabinet, garage area-front, garage area-rear) gets a list with sub-lists where necessary.  If I cross-referenced all the locations I would likely find I am carrying five multi-tools and four pocket knives between them all.  And I haven’t even carried a pocket knife IN MY POCKET since third grade. 


The plan is to post these lists on the inside of the pantry doors so they are available for quick reference. 


Now, how will I remember to look inside the pantry?

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  • And I thought I was a list maker!

    Helen H. Ammons

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