Sharing Wanda's Story

At the sake of going on and on about Wanda our van and how much we love traveling in her, suffice it to say we are very happy and always eager to tell people.

Just the other day we had pulled up to the overlook at Caesars Head State Park (just because we were passing by) and as we closed the doors a white-haired gentleman on the sidewalk remarked “that’s what I’d like to do”.  That was all the encouragement we needed.  Jenni asked him and his wife if they would like to see it as she slid the side door open.  They were impressed with all the amenities Wanda contained.  Personally, I think they have a few issues to hash out between the two of them before they head cross country but they’ll be fine if they give it a try!

Our biggest opportunity to share the story of Wanda happened a couple weeks ago.  Our daughter-in-love asked us to give a presentation at the assisted living facility where she is executive director.  As we pulled into the parking lot of The Blake at Hollingsworth Park, I remarked to Jenni that this was our ‘first gig’. 

Over the next hour we presented photos and videos of us building out the van to a room of mostly women.  We didn’t hold back; Jenni even explained the construction of our first toilet!  They seemed quite impressed.  We took them from the plumbing shelves we removed  to insulating the walls to cabinetry.  Of course, the photos drawing the biggest response were the ones with Annie our chihuahua!  If only she wasn’t so ‘nippy’ we would have brought her with us.

Before giving an actual tour of Wanda down in the parking lot, we paused for questions of which there were many!  They were interested how we cooked in it and where we were traveling next.  We promised to return with photos of our travels.

As we transitioned to the outdoor tour, we had to ride the elevator down to the first floor.  One sweet resident in a wheelchair softly spoke to me.  As I crouched down next to her to hear better, I realized she was asking if we were moving into the facility or just checking it out for the future.  What a sweetie!

Hmmm, I wonder if we can park Wanda at The Blake if we move there?

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