Resolution Completed

So, I published a book this week.


Back in January I wrote about some of my resolutions for the year and one was to publish a book.  I started out strong, got it 80% complete by May, and then just sat on it.  My plans of completing it during the summer went nowhere.

As Jenni and I prepared for a trip in Wanda (the van) during September, I pushed to complete the book by the end of August.  I was self-publishing using Kindle Create.  On the 31st of August I ran into a snag.  I could not figure it out so we left the next day on our trip.  Almost four weeks later we returned home and I could attack it again.  A simple online chat resulted in an “aha” moment and I knew what I needed to do. 

It took almost an entire day to design the covers.  (I did one for Kindle and another for paperback.) I could not have done that process without Jenni sitting beside me.  I probably would have gone crazy with fonts and colors if she had not reigned me in!  She’s the big reader in the family so I knew I needed her opinion and guidance.

Pushing the “publish” button was scary; my fingers were shaking.  In fact, I was telling Jenni that I should just save it as a draft until the next day when my finger accidentally touched the button. Oops! Guess I better keep my distance from the nuclear launch buttons. 

Living With Wanda is about our adventures in building out our campervan from an old plumbing van and then traveling across the USA with our dog Annie.  It’s a series of my short tales told in a humorous, and sarcastic, perspective (like most of my writing).

One of the final details before publishing was to write the book jacket summary.  Whereas I used to be an avid reader, I’ve backed off on that considerably.  Now most of my reading takes place in the bathroom using devotionals that are “just long enough” if you know what I mean.  I felt it was important for this book to meet that standard and I said so on the book jacket.  Jenni’s response was “I can’t believe you’re talking about that on the back cover of the book.”  But…..she didn’t say ‘no’!  So, I went with it.  After all, I want prospective readers to know there’s a little humor and perhaps some unexpected surprises in the book.

If my writing entertains you, or you know a special person who needs better bathroom reading material, I hope you’ll look for Living With Wanda by Dave McAda on Amazon.  It’s available in Kindle for eBook fans and in paperback for those who think Kindle implants subliminal messages into their subconscious while they read.


By the way, I spent all my marketing budget on gas during our trip through Maine so do me a favor and tell others about the book.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.



  • Thanks for visiting our wonderful towns park. Great article. I was the one handing out dog treats.Appreciated your acknowledgment of our place.

    Jim Hazell
  • I just read this while sitting in the very place you mention. 😉

  • I’m sure it is a home run and yes will get one and spread the news. You didn’t mention much about the goal weight-but congrats on that also.

  • Would love to read that book. Where will be able to get it?

    Kathie L Fehner
  • Can’t wait to get my copy!

    Janet Martin

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