Preparing the Van

If you’re going to live in a van that was once Joe’s Plumbing, you need to prepare for the conversion and the new skills you will acquire.

After we removed Joe’s shelves and listed them on Marketplace (first new skill learned) we went about acquiring some hardware.  A few weeks removed from this situation, I can’t think of a logical reason why we were trying to pick out screws or bolts this early in the conversion.  But there we were at a big blue home improvement store discussing screws.  There we SO MANY choices:  wood or metal, stainless or zinc, self-tapping or not, 1 inch or 1-1/8, metric or ‘Merica.  But after 25 minutes we grabbed a pack of four screws and tossed them in our cart as we headed to the cashier.  Turns out this would be one of our FASTER decisions.  By my calculations we would complete our van conversion in 2035.


A van is not like a house.  There are no straight lines or square corners.  It’s a curved metal box with random sized holes drilled into it.  Some pieces of metal are there for support and some evidently have no purpose and it doesn’t matter if you remove them (or that’s what it said in one forum I read).

So obviously in a conversion like this there are going to be special orders and custom pieces.  But I misspelled those words.  I meant to type $pecial Order$ and Cu$tom Piece$.  For example, a 3.7 cubic foot refrigerator would cost about the same as the 15.7 cubic foot upright in my kitchen.  So we are discussing what is important and necessary in this build.  We will live without ice cream; a nice ice chest will suffice for us.


As the day would end and we crawled into bed, we would try to recap what we learned and achieved that day.  One day was decidedly depressing when all we came up with was a failed attempt to hold thin slats in place with Neodymium magnets.  Supposedly it worked with great success for a twenty year old manbun in Florida but it didn’t make it out of our driveway without much clattering and splintering.

Time for plan B.

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  • LOL. I still vote for a man bun photo.

    Linda Nickell

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