Phase Two (or something like that)

As we unpacked from our big trip up the East Coast, Jenni announced that we wouldn’t be making another trip like that until we had some REAL cabinets and drawers.  I understood.  We had just driven 2,400 miles fishing food, clothes, and toiletries out of plastic bins that had to be held in place with tension rods, wood slats, bungees, and other improvised tools.  Using a homemade toilet was fine but we needed some other conveniences!

That’s when d-r-a-w-e-r became a four letter word.  Okay, I may not be as good at math as I thought.  But the point is: drawers are difficult to install.

We started with the one that would hold our 55 QT ice chest.  It had to be 32 inches across. I actually did this one by myself and it turned out pretty good.  I used words like “sort of square” and “level-ish” as I put the sides together.  In the end it was ‘fairly square’, fit the space available, and attached to the heavy duty sliders we had purchased.  It even pushed back into place.  But it needed tweaking and we decided to double the slider rails for support.  If anyone reading this blog buys this van one day, do not, I repeat, do NOT pull that drawer out of the sliders.  I cannot be held responsible for getting it back into place.

Building this van has always had a learning curve.  We implemented what we had learned, such as installing the sliders first and then measuring for the drawer, and the subsequent one was much easier. When we moved to a tall column of six separate drawers we tried to be organized and cut several at one time.  Not a good idea since each had slightly different dimensions. But we got better and faster with each one.

Over a couple weeks, taking advantage of sunny days, we reached a point where we had drawers for our pantry, toiletries, and some clothing.  Then we drove the van to town.  Oops!  Even a curve at 20 mph produces enough force to sling a drawer open.  I kept looking for opportunities to turn the other direction in order to CLOSE the drawers but it never worked out right.


Looks like we better put latches on our list of items to procur!

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  • And now you get to decide what type of fasteners you want on the drawers! You guys will be so experienced when this van is complete, that you can start on another one!

    Helen Ammons

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