Not All Book Reviews are on Amazon

Having just published my first book, I am anxious to get some great book reviews on Amazon to help boost orders.  And I have received several glowing reviews thus far.  But I was reminded this last week that reviews of a more personal nature are just as treasured.

When “Living With Wanda” was first published, I was contacted by a woman who wanted a copy but didn’t do Amazon or online payments.  I knew her to be a person of my parents’ generation and I was impressed that she was an adept user of FaceBook. She wanted to mail me a check (and I totally understood why.)  Since I knew of, and respected, her long-standing professional presence in my hometown, I mailed her a signed copy even though I didn’t know her on a personal level.

Jenni asked about the person I was mailing a book to without receiving payment.  I said “she’s my mother’s age.  It will be okay.”  (I discovered a few days later that she was actually older than my father!)  After a few weeks of not receiving a check, I chalked it up to miscommunication and rationalized it as a ‘promotional expense’.

And then, yesterday, I received this letter from a 98-year-old. The handwriting, though she apologizes for it, is precious in itself.  It reminds me so much of what my father’s letters used to look like when he would drop me a short note. 



So that you don’t miss any of its dearness, I will transcribe:

               Dear Dave,

                    Enjoying the book immensely. Have been very ill so excuse writing.                      Lots of laughs & and put myself in your situations.  Sometimes it                          was not funny.

                    Half way through.  Sorry to be late with check.

                    I have been very ill but on the mend.

                    Laughed a great deal.  You have a good wife.  Tell her, I would                            have thrown you out a long time ago.  She must have a great                              sense of humor.

                    Hope you are writing another.

               Your friend,


After I read the letter, I left it on the kitchen island for Jenni to read.  You could hear her laughter throughout the house!

The letter is a treasure and will go in a box where I store other precious scripts. 

Gosh, I hope I live to my friend's age and can still make people laugh. 

Thank you for making my day dear friend.


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