Driving the Van

You can’t embark on a #vanlife if you don’t have a van. 

After tracking down a good deal on a low mileage van, we made the trip to Charlotte to buy it.  We were coming home with a van that day no matter what.  I don’t know if the salesman realized that or not but we did!  There was an inspection, a kicking of the tires, a test drive, and then some brief haggling.  I will never understand what car dealerships are trying to achieve.  They threw on fees and other things we didn’t want and then came back saying it doesn’t matter what we call it, “this is where we have to be”.  It was a few hundred above MY number but I agreed.  By the time we finished with the business manager (who corrected the salesman’s numbers) we were within FOUR DOLLARS of my number! It was fate.

So we pulled out of the dealership and started the two and a half hour drive home.  I felt like I was driving a bus—it was so different from the Civic we had just traded.  We didn’t make any stops along the way, pulled into our circular drive about midnight, and went to bed. 

The next morning I walked outside and saw that huge white hunk of metal and exclaimed to my wife “What have we done!?”  Just kidding.  I was still on a high from the night before.

Then we drove it into town for gas and just to get familiar with it.  The first attempt pulling into a parking spot was SAD!  Thank goodness for empty parking lots during the pandemic!  In fact, for the first couple weeks it took about FOUR parking spaces to hold us.  After several weeks I have it down to ONE slot and technically I am between the lines even if one tire can cast a shadow on the white line at noon.  It’s usually better to park farther out in the lot and get some exercise.

We spent most of our afternoons gleaning layout designs from Instagram and YouTube.  There is a whole van culture out there and some of these people are SERIOUS!  Of course, most of them just turned old enough to buy a bottle of wine last year.  And evidently all barefooted van guys sport a manbun and van gals lay on their beds in bikinis with a beautiful sunset or lake behind them.  Sorry for that mental picture.  We are definitely bucking the trend.

Stay tuned for the build.

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  • Envious of your youth and ambition, and eager to lern of all your upcoming ramblings!

    Ralph & Nancy

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